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Embroidery process of computer embroidery machine

Embroidery We are divided into two categories: hand embroidery and machine embroidery (computer embroidery). With the advancement and development of technology, some hand embroidery will gradually

Embroidery process of computer embroidery machine

1. Hat embroidery

It is an embroidering method that puts the hat on the machine after the hat is finished.

2.  Clothing embroidery

Put the finished clothes on the ready-to-wear frame and embroider.

3.  Towel embroidery

The very popular embroidery method in European and American clothing, the effect is like a terry cloth, the touch is soft, and the color changes.

4.  Roll embroidery

Roll embroidery is an embroidery method in which an embroidery thread is used to wrap a string in the inside.

5.  Thick thread embroidery

The thick thread embroidery uses a thicker sewing thread as the embroidery thread, and the embroidery is completed with a large hole needle or a large needle, a thick thread hook and a 3 mm needle board.

6.  Gem embroidery

Gemstone Embroidery uses a flat gold thread embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery to develop a new process that is more varied than imitation stone stickers - gemstone embroidery.

The above is our common computer embroidery embroidery process, followed by the update of technology, computer embroidery embroidery process is constantly updated.

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