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Computer embroidery machine inspection control system

The ultra-multi-head embroidery machine has once become the mainstream product of the market. Compared with the popular embroidery machine, the number of heads is increasing by 3 to 4 times, and the number of machine-controlled boards will also increase by 3-4 times, greatly increasing the product cost. This time, a public inspection system was set up specifically for the needs of the ultra-multi-head embroidery machine. It can support the inspection function of 200 heads of a single embroidery machine. The use of the embroidery machine super multi-head public inspection system will greatly reduce the cost of the system, but also reduce the complexity of the wiring of the machine.

Integrated multi-axis multi-function multi-head embroidery machine control system:

This system is the product of the company's new generation of embroidery electrical control system. Adopting a new architecture, the power supply plan, the main control platform and the drive platform have been seamlessly integrated, greatly improving the integration of the electronic control system and the ability to control activities. Complete high performance of part control.

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