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Lock needle of computer embroidery machine embroidery machine

This stitching occurs when three or four consecutive stitches move at least 10 points per pin. The lock pin should be on all satin, pin and any piece ending in the trim, such as a color change or a stitching plan.

The lock pin can be sewn with a triangular or vertical line segment. (2) The lock pin is also the name of the type of stitch formed by the hook and the home sewing machine, together with the lock pin of the computer embroidery machine.

It is used to support the shuttle box on the embroidery machine and plays a key role in the stitching information. Two complete rotations occur for each stitch, and the apex of the hook is connected to the lasso of the upper suture in an extremely accurate calculation time and separated by distance (to separate) to form a stitch.

A test for the tightness of the embroidery thread: use an embroidery thread of each available color to embroider a one-inch uppercase letter I on the embroidery machine. After the stitching is finished, compare the I of each color to see the consistency of the consistency and tightness.

Stacking flat pin stitches in two rows or more rows. The stacked points can be vertical or zigzag. Also known as embroidery thread fusion or random stitching. Joseph M. Jacquard invented the Yakal Jacquard loom, which used a pattern card to instruct the loom to use color weave patterns.

This procedure was later applied to strike 64mm jacquard arrangements on automatic embroidery machines.

During the sewing process, the moving instrument does not pierce the stitches on the fabric to move. Usually used to move from one point in the plan to another.

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