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How does the computer embroidery machine work

It has strong editing and storage efficiency. The use of computer makes the embroidery machine able to image nearly 100 kinds of famous places. The number of images reaches more than 300,000 needles. If the user needs to increase the number of equipment, it is necessary to meet the differences. As usual, it is possible to cope with the end of zooming, twisting and combining friends in order to comply with the actual necessity of embroidery. Built-in floppy disk drive, which can directly read the binary (DSB), ternary (DST), z-ary (DSZ) disk name and the binary ternary on the BEHRINGER FDR pattern disk file on the Tajima pattern disk, Z The disk name is in memory, and the memory name can be input to the disk in a binary format.


Perfect control system The use of a variety of ancestors' active control techniques enables the embroidery machine to have excellent speed control functions, and the spindle can be changed steplessly from 300 to 650 rpm; in the future, according to the gift The instruction actively re-embeds this name in the next position to complete the active repetitive embroidery; when the embroidery exceeds the scale of embroidery, the machine will actively end to cover the shed; when the machine presents a problem, the control panel will behave incorrectly. Head type, and knowing something wrong. In addition, in the embroidery process, it can complete the active trimming, active digging embroidery, active detection of disconnection, power failure screening, command jump, active foot stop, stitch compensation, reincarnation, and input.


Excellent maneuverability The machine is mostly keyboard-operated, and the use of response processing software makes the embroidery simple and easy to control. The use of performance equipment to a certain extent allows visualization of the manipulation to be enhanced, thereby facilitating the use of the same practitioners. There is a long pole switch under the countertop, which is very convenient to start and stop. The randomness of the stretcher can be controlled by hand, so that it is easy to find the necessary positioning points. The high-end machine also has high-speed, low-speed idling effect, making the embroidery and positioning extremely fast and flexible.


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