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What are the features of the computer embroidery machine

The Jinzi embroidery series computer embroidery machine has the following features in addition to the functions of the ordinary flat embroidery machine:
1. The gold piece device has a single gold piece, double gold piece, stacked gold piece, four gold piece and other various devices to choose from.
2. You can choose the installation method of double side, front side, single side, etc. according to your needs (the side is recommended for the embroidery and the front is recommended for the clothing embroidery).
3, can be embroidered as 3/4/5/7/9/11mm various shapes of gold (such as round, square, drop shape, plum shape, vortex, etc.).
4. The film feeding device has stable performance and reliable structure, and the maximum speed reaches 750 rpm.
5. The function of the four gold pieces covers the single (double) gold piece function. It also has a variety of functions such as laminations and spacers (the number of intervals can be adjusted according to the embroidery requirements) to meet the requirements of diverse embroidery.
6, using the fork structure, adjustment is convenient and fast.
7, using a centralized hook line, automatic color change, automatic line trimming.

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